Zombs Royale fullscreen

Zombs Royale fullscreen is a new and exciting online shooter for survival, the main goal of which is to remain the only survivor. Created based on the popular browser-based Zombs.io game, this war has many new and unexpected moments. If in other games of this genre the locations in advance diminish in size, complicating the passage, then it is much more interesting to play here: staying in one place and making war from an ambush does not work.

The slightest simple will immediately cause a surge of toxic fumes that can kill the hero or undermine his health. To avoid such a sad outcome, you need to constantly move your hero in the locations. Naturally, at the beginning of any weapons the protagonist is not available and it must be found. Armament is hidden in buildings and chests, there are also ammunition, equipment and protection is not provided.

Zombs Royale fullscreen has additional elements, which will greatly facilitate the passage. On the playing field you can find first-aid kits, as well as healing elixirs. They will help restore lost energy and give endurance. Convenient storage will allow you to save several types of weapons and ammunition, if necessary, you can renew the arsenal. Management is simple: arrows, ASDW E keys and a mouse.