Play Zombs Royale online

Zombs Royale is an exciting online war game, you can play in full screen mode. The game is made in the genre of shooter fighting game, so simultaneously on the playing field for the championship will fight several dozen opponents. In addition to a dynamic and fascinating plot, all connoisseurs of this kind of games will enjoy a good 2D graphics and perfectly traced elements.

The main goal of each player is to destroy all competitors and remain the only survivor. Characters to the battlefield delivers a large aircraft, descend from which you need to parachute, just selecting the desired point for landing. After disembarkation, the next important stage is the search for weapons. The weapon is safely hidden in trunks, bunkers and small houses. It is necessary to be extremely careful when surveying houses, they can be an ambush.

Also, in no case can not stay in one place for a long time, because when idle around the protagonist, lethal gas clubs rise, that they can kill the hero or significantly reduce his life energy. Restore the force in case of injury will help first-aid kits and healing potions, which are also sometimes found in locations.

Play Zombs Royale online, as it is easy to manage. To move, use the ASDW keys, or the mouse cursor. Shots and aiming are done with the right mouse button of the computer mouse. To pick up items from the ground, the E key is activated. The character's well-being, his emotions and health, as well as arms and cartridges, can be tracked on a special scale at the bottom of the screen.