an exciting online survival game. It is sure to please all fans of browser shooters who like to play not with virtual opponents, but with real enemies. In addition to the dynamic plot, she will enjoy the wonderful graphics and perfectly traced elements.

The main task of the player is to remain the only survivor among dozens of opponents. Immediately after the start, a real shootout will begin, so it's important to immediately join the battle and not give a chance to your opponents to shoot yourself. In order not to fly out in the first minute, it is important to find a weapon, it can be in chests, houses and containers. Move carefully, because an ambush can be in any of the buildings. is full of surprises. If the protagonist stops in the open space for at least a few seconds, a poisonous gas will immediately begin to rise around him, which can kill him in a matter of minutes. To avoid poisoning, you need to constantly move around the location. With a light wound will help first aid kits and restoring potions. You can control the hero with both arrows and mouse. Shots are produced by right-clicking the mouse, items are selected with the E key.