Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale new super cool multiplayer online game on the whole screen in the style of shooter farthing. The main thing here is to destroy all the competitors and remain the only survivor on the huge playing field. It will not be easy to achieve success, because several dozens of players are simultaneously fighting in the locations, which is also full of determination to break out into the leaders.

Features of the gameplay Zombs Royale

Before you start, be sure to come up with a sonorous nickname, and also choose your own skin. Some skins are closed and access to them will need to be opened as the game progresses. The beginning of the passage is also amazing: the huge passenger plane carries a huge passenger plane, you can go down from it only by parachute: for this you need to select the landing point on the map in the upper right corner and point at it with the cursor. Also, the map helps to track the movements of both your character and the opponent's protagonists.

After landing, the hero will be on rough terrain, with bushes, trees, stones and structures. In no case can not stay in place, since there is no weapon in the fighter, and he can rely only on his fists in the first few minutes. In order not to become an easy target for the enemy, it is necessary immediately to start looking for weapons, various types of which are hidden in large bunkers, houses and chests.

Zombs Royale

What is most gratifying about this game is that when you find a more powerful weapon, the old one can not be discarded, but stored in a special repository. If necessary, the arsenal can be changed simply by clicking on it with the mouse. In stock, as usual pistols, and machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers - the choice is huge.

Also in the Zombs Royale are provided first-aid kits and healing potions. If the scale of vitality is running out, it is enough to use the drugs found and after a few seconds the energy will be restored. Elixirs in bottles with a pacifier will give acceleration and endurance, after using them, for a while you can not be afraid of enemy bullets and move around without fear of injury.

Hidden threats and management features

If in other games this type of protagonist can be hidden and ambushes can be conducted from the ambush, waiting for an opportunity to attack, then such a focus will not work. At the slightest idle time, around the hero, a toxic gas begins to swirl, which in a matter of minutes reduces the vital signs and can kill the hero. In order not to become a victim of a gas attack, you must immediately leave a dangerous place and look for a cleaner zone.

Zombs Royale parachute jump

Another surprise is that when the competitor is destroyed, his arsenal remains, and he can replenish his warehouse. The main thing is not to substitute other soldiers for crossfire, that at any moment they can appear from their hiding places and attack the gaping ones. To prevent this from happening, one should constantly be on guard and keep the cartridge full, the number of ammunition and bullets is indicated in the special table on the right.

Management in Zombs Royale is quite simple. To move, you can use a computer mouse, or use the buttons ASDW, the shots are done with the right mouse button. To select items from the ground, the E key is used. In general, nothing complicated, a couple of minutes after the start, all combinations are remembered to automaticity.

Zombs Royale can be played on the whole screen and enjoy good 2D graphics, excellent picture and thoughtful dynamic plot. All fans of action-packed online battles are encouraged to play without fail.